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Welcome to the Nomad’s Land Developer Blog

Nomad’s Land is a top-down, grid-based board game, where each player controls a group of nomads, who must traverse the board looking for food and water in order to survive in the wilderness.
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Length Of Game, Downtime, Clarity

The game requires players to navigate a board with obstacles and severe weather conditions that pose as a threat to everyone playing. The board is littered with traps as well as food that players must obtain for survival. Everyone is given 9 tokens that represent a nomad in their group. There are shelters in which…

Playtesting, Feedback, and Changes

After we developed our initial iteration of Nomad’s Land, it was time to test the game and get feedback on our ideas. After having our game tested and testing others’, we received a lot of valuable feedback, which gave us a few ideas for improvements to make to the game.     The most common criticism…

The Conception of Nomad’s Land

Most games are conceived over a long period of time by people who know what they want the product to look like and who have the money and resources to get the materials they need. Nomad’s Land started life quite differently. Instead of starting with dice, cards, or any sort of coherent set of items,…

The Complexity and Balance of the Game Board

In Nomad’s Land, one of the most striking and greatest complexities of the game comes from the board. A 3 x 3 “zoned board” each having 9 x 9 smaller tiles in the middle made the game a great chaotic mess of nomadic players attempting to scramble across the land while path-finding the best way…

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