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Length Of Game, Downtime, Clarity

The game requires players to navigate a board with obstacles and severe weather conditions that pose as a threat to everyone playing. The board is littered with traps as well as food that players must obtain for survival. Everyone is given 9 tokens that represent a nomad in their group. There are shelters in which players can take refuge to avoid dangerous weather conditions. Different kinds of terrain also fill up the board. Quicksand is dangerous and should be avoided. They are represented by Q on the board. Grass is represented by G and is normal terrain that players move around on. W represents water and can be used as a resource. X represents traps around the board which should be avoided as well. The game goes on for quite some time considering the scale of the board and the fact it is split into 9 zones. M represents walls. These spaces cannot be walked on by players. A weather dice is rolled on everyone’s turn to determine if a player will penalized for a weather condition. Weather conditions may or may not allow a player to progress along the board. If the weather dice lands on a sun or clouds then there is no penalties but if it lands on a thunderstorm, blizzard, or rain then the player is affected by the penalties of landing on those weather conditions. There is also a trap dice for when a player lands on a trap to determine what penalty they will receive for moving onto a trap space. If the dice lands on an arrow then the player can pass safely through the trap. If they land on an explosion then the players turn ends on that tile. If the player rolls on a skull then a nomad from the players group dies.These dice provide for a sense of competition and urgency along with the mechanics to make the game length longer. There is also a way to revive dead group members. In the center of the board there is an oasis and when landed on will grant the player up to 4 members revived as well as food and water supplies. The group is then teleported to where they started at the beginning of the game. The goal is for a player to navigate their nomads and obtain resources to help them survive. The player with the most nomads on the board at the end of the game wins.

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